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Cozumel Ironman-  NOV 29, 2015

Ironman Cozumel.jpg

Getting Started

My sports background is as a competitive long distance swimmer and bicycle road racer.  But running is something I've always struggled with. We hired a coach, got workout schedules and started training.  


Let no one claim otherwise: its hard, really hard.

One month later, it hit me, at 2 am naturally.  

Ok, so:

  • swim 4K about 1 hr, no problem.  I used to swim 6-7 k per day.  But that was 30 years ago.

  • ride my bike 200km.  Just like to the cottage, in 6-7 hrs. Heck I do that annually for charity. But that's ALL I do that day!

  • Then run a full marathon. I've done exactly ONE, 4 years ago, (before injuries)

  • All that, back to back, in one day!


Holy crap!!! What the hell was I thinking?

I spent the rest of the night freaking out...

So...why this to yourself?  Well..

12 months ago, my over achieving wife, Arwynn, decided to up the ante and complete an ironman before her next birthday.


Being a guy, competitive (and having had a few drinks)... I said:
"sure I'll join you!"

Unfortunately, she has a long standing (and annoying) policy of honouring all such commitments, even if made under the influence. So... Crap I was stuck.

In truth, two major injuries over the last 4 years had left me out of shape and really feeling my age.  Something i was unwilling to accept.


Time to buckle down.

Bike 1.jpg
Bike 1.jpg

Its A long Way to the Starting Line

10 months of preparation, lots of sweat, early mornings, aches and pains.


At 48 years old, I was down to 195 lbs and 11% body fat.  I haven't been this fit since my teens!

It was all possible only with the awesome support from Arwynn. That got me to the starting line: my first Ironman distance triathlon, in beautiful Cozumel Mexico.  

I still had some major self doubts.  My back was enormously better, but long bike sessions were very painful.  And, Cozumel is dead flat. So you spend 100% of the time in the aerobars, no breaks. 


All the running training had torn my Achilles' tendon, even walking was painful.  I had little chance of finishing the run, and was strongly advised that trying it may do major damage that could take years to heal.   

Well hell.  I'm here and I'll give it my best shot!

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