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Creating Forms


The one that broke my back - almost literally.

My raw is from downtown Toronto, where trees grow bigger, hence grow larger. But like all living things, they sicken and die, eventually.  


One summer morning a hydro crew cut a gigantic hazelnut tree across the road.  I asked for the best cuts, which the crew gratefully  left them for me.  

Halfway though moving the the pieces to my yard, my back complained bitterly. Nemesis was over 500 lbs and there were 15 or so more still to go.


Like a typical guy, I figured "suck it up, take some Aspirin and do some stretches."

Two days later I was bed ridden.  Six months later, I was still off work.

Guess I'm not THAT tough...  


Three years of recovery from herniated disks demonstrated that, much to my surprise, I'm not indestructible.  

I persevered to eventually turn the largest form to date.  It took 2 years to dry out! Then it went back on the lathe to be trued up and wait some more.

After three years, I'm pain-free, in shape, competing in triathlons again and enjoying life.

I may never part with Nemesis: its a reminder to focus on the importance of health, beauty and life.

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