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W.F.&J. Barnes Drill Press

A camel-back drill press is a very unique tool: huge, heavy and with massive amounts of torque.  Great for drilling large holes.

There is an excellent summary of camel-backs here and why they are still great.

For my style of woodturning,it allows me to put a bowl blank on the table, use a 2" or 3" forstner bit and drill right through almost to the bottom.  That helps tremendously when hollowing out the inside of a bowl.

This one was well maintained and fully functional, (although 100 years old!) when I bought it for $100 in 2014.  It did require quite a bit of work to clean, scrape, lube and paint, adjust.

Unfortunately, restoring such machines takes time and commitment.  It became a hobby of its own.  A year later, I'm nearing completion of this drill press.

barnes 1
barnes 2
barnes 3
barnes 4

I opted for an unconventional color scheme (anything but grey...).

Additionally a new drive system was required, since it originally ran from an overheard pulley and a leather belt.  Its now powered by a 2 hp, 3 ph electric motor.

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