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Creating Bowls

Hazelnut Bowl

When a hydro crew cut down a huge hazelnut tree across the road from my house, there was only one thing to do: grab all the wood!

A large chainsaw was used to slice the logs in half.

It was rough turned and dried for about a year before it was finish turned.

The resulting waterfall patterns and grains are spectacular. ​The bark inclusion just added additional interest.

Large Maple Bowl

This maple tree was cut at a roadside near my shop. As usual, huge pieces. It gave me an excuse to try out my "new" Stihl 090 chainsaw with a 36" bar. Not surprisingly, it chopped up the tree into manageable sizes very quickly. 
An overhead hoist on a trolly beam allows me to life 200 lbs chunks easily.

A large faceplate ensures its safely mounted on the lathe.

Then the turning begins.
In this case it yielded some gorgeous spaulted patterns.

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