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Leland Drill Press

This is a very interesting metal working drill press, with a very large sliding table, a sturdy mechanism for adjustment and tons of travel.

Its loud, insanely heavy (700 lbs) and works beautifully.  A very worthwhile upgrade from its predecessors and it compliments the Barnes nicely.

The original motor was a 110/220v, single phase repulsion motor.  Too massive, too heavy, it was replaced by a modern 1 hp, 3ph thats a quarter of the size.  And much quieter.

I acquired this in Feb 2016 (after my self-declared moratorium on additional was really cheap!)

Unfortunately, this became the 4th drill press in the shop and I needed to clear out the other ones first.
So, I switch tactics, and quickly pressed this into service and decided to clean it up later. 

Leland 2
Leland 3
Leland 5
Leland 4
Leland 6
Leland 1
Leland 8
Leland 7
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